1. Scripts are written in the Indonesian language and uses a standard scientific principles
  2. A maximum of 10 pages manuscript pages.
  3. Manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word format, except graphs using Microsoft Excel and Numbers program with JPEG or PDF format.
  4. Manuscripts should be typed using Times New Roman font with 10pt, spacing 1 and two columns.
  5. Each table or picture be numbered, an appropriate title to the contents of tables and figures, and source citations if any. If no source citations written between brackets open and close parenthesis, font Times New Roman size 10 pt bold. The title both table and image are in centered alignment.


Conditions Systematics Writing:

Content writing systematically grouped as follows.

  • Title, Must describe the results of research and variables. Title of the article to a maximum of 12 words.
  • Abstract and keywords, Contains a description of the problem and research objectives, methods used, and the results of research. Abstracts of 250 words maximum. Keywords consist of 3-5 words.
  • preliminary, Contains the research problem, solving plan research, research objectives and a summary of theoretical studies related to the issues examined.
  • Research methodology, Load the design of the study or the study design, objectives and targets of the study (population and sample), engineering data collection and analysis techniques.
  • Results and Discussion, Contains the results of data analysis, hypothesis testing, the answer to the question of research, discovery and implementation.
  • Conclusions and recommendations, Research conclusions and suggestions referring to the results of research.
  • Reference, Loading the sources referred to in article writing, only the sources used are published in the bibliography. Writing quotation or citation is advisable to use a reference management application program for example: Mendeley, EndNote, Zotero, or other. This SMATIKA Journal follows the IEEE Journal format.